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Beezapps creating better business facts 1

Beezapps create bespoke software solutions for small business prices using rapid application development. Everyday this week we will be looking at how our solutions will help your business do better. Custom software can be used for critical functions that are unique to the company, such as management of inventory, human resource, customers, content, and inventory.…
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Do you use dozens of business processes everyday?

If so we want to hear from you! For example, you may go through the same steps each time you generate a report, resolve a customer complaint, contact a new client, or manufacture a new product. You've likely come across the results of inefficient processes, too. Unhappy customers, stressed colleagues, missed deadlines, and increased costs…
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Maximise your business potential

Using technology to maximise your business productivity creates the platform to realise true business success. Business productivity software ensures organisations have the tools to overcome the challenges of executing on strategy every day and prospering in today's economic times. Increased business productivity can be traced to the automation of processes allowing for faster communication of…
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5 ways bespoke software can increase your productivity.

Bespoke software not only helps you run your business more effectively, it also saves time and money in the long-run. While off-the-shelf software has a place – when a business is in its infancy, for example – bespoke software meets the individual needs of a business in a way that packaged software simply can’t. If…
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