Beezapps and their four legged friends!

Beezapps have recently built a booking system for one of our clients who are a dog day care company. They had previously used one spreadsheet for all the bookings and customer information, this was then saved into a cloud document store and shared with others. The company had all sorts of issues with the information being synced with other people let alone the lack of validation and management reporting available.

We built the customised system in a matter of weeks, importing all their previous clients and data from their previous spreadsheets. The new solution allows bookings and associated data to be accessible in real time from desktop and mobile devices. At any given moment, the user can see who they have booked in at one glance, what payments are due and automated invoice sending. Consolidating the information into one easy to use system has doubled, if not tripled the overall efficiency of the company.

The next phase of development will be a client portal. Here the clients can manage their own details, animals, make bookings and receive reminders. Hopefully, taking our clients to the next stage of complete business efficiency.

Take a look at the system in action