Specialists in Bespoke  Blockchain solutions using Oracle Blockchain. 


Working with Subject matter experts Beezapps have a suite of prebuilt applications.

Bespoke software

Need a bespoke software solution built, feed up with using spreadsheets to manage your business, let Beezapps provide you a solution.


Talent management through Beezapps, we provide only the best talent to allow you to deliver.


Below are just a few of the awesome projects and customers we work with.


A Manufacturing company based in Ireland. Work scheduling and integration to ERP system. 

TLC Car Care

From booking cars to be cleaned to managing hundreds of employees, an entire ERP built using Oracle APEX.

Parts Tender Direct

Tendering made easy. Need a custom part made, manage the process simply. 

Teaching Observations and Appraisal

Simple to use application to manage observing teachers in class and generating appraisals.

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