I’ve joined Beezapps as an Associate Engineer in April 2017. My background is in Informatics and digital design with additional experience in User Experience and Web design/development. The Beezapps team consists of Oracle developers with years of experience in the field of technology that work with enthusiasm solving the everyday problems presented to them.

Beezapps is specialized in building bespoke applications for small and medium businesses using Oracle Application Express (APEX). Oracle APEX technology is a development platform that enables us to build intuitive, user-centred and responsive applications. It offers the opportunity to develop fast professional, cost-efficient and secured solutions.  One of the biggest advantages using Oracle APEX is the ability to provide a working proof of concept really quickly allowing the customers to interact with the system from an early stage. As a result, the final functionality and user experience are perfectly tailored to customer’s needs.

My first year in Beezapps helped me to gain an in-depth knowledge into technologies I have already used and obtain new software skills.  Supporting clients is an important part of the role, which allowed me to gain a better insight into user requirements. The team supported me in every step and allowed me to gradually become more independent at my own pace. At the same time, they encouraged me to take initiatives and responsibilities while they provided me with a friendly working environment. The whole process made me more confident in my work and allowed me to progress as a junior developer and designer.

Having worked for over a year with Oracle APEX I can see that it can be used for developing smaller projects to rich, complex and data centric applications that can transform customer business. APEX can change the way a business runs by replacing day to day spreadsheets with tailored to customer’s needs apps. It can offer an integrated solution to a business by helping keep all vital internal processes into one system or offer customer facing solutions for our customer’s customers.

Marianna Chiri – Associate Engineer



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