Beezapps are delighted to have engaged with Doxford Barns, a beautiful wedding venue in the heart of Northumberland, that offers its clients a very special day in a stunning and relaxed environment. Beezapps are creating a bespoke solution that will allow for Event Managers to book, schedule and run each wedding in a really efficient manner. Features such as event set-up, staggered invoicing and automated document generation as well as a wealth of management information will all contribute to a successful solution.

‘We have been overwhelmed with the success of Doxford Barns in it’s first year and as such realised that we needed technology that would support how busy we are. There are many off the shelf solutions out there, but none were fully tailored enough to support my Event Managers and the business. We discussed a bespoke solution with Beezapps that would meet our needs and be cost efficient. The quick to market, Beezapps solution was definitely the way forward for us, development is underway and the team are eagerly awaiting the finished product.’
Richard Shell, Director Doxford Barns



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