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Beezapps #orclapex have recently been working with a client to generate dashboards on Oracle E-Business suite data using Oracle APEX to display the data. Linking the underlying data and single sign on is easy and well documented (Oracle EBS Extensions) , the client was looking for a way to link the reports in APEX back to the data in Oracle E-Business Suite.

In our case we wanted to launch the invoice workbench page from the report so we used a combination of these handy functions to generate the URL

This function returns the id of the function form in EBS


Then using this function which returns the link to the EBS form.

function get_run_function_url ( p_function_id in number,
p_resp_appl_id in number,
p_resp_id in number,
p_security_group_id in number,
p_parameters in varchar2 default null,
p_override_agent in varchar2 default null,
p_org_id in number default null,
p_lang_code in varchar2 default null,
p_encryptParameters in boolean default true )

Put this all together with the parameters needed and you will have a call like this.

FND_RUN_FUNCTION.get_run_function_url(fnd_function.get_function_id(‘AP_APXINWKB’), 200, 20639, 0,’INVOICE_ID=’||p_invoice_id)


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