Whether we run or work for a small, medium or large enterprise we all get that feeling. The feeling of complete and utter frustration, combined with the irritation that there must be an easier way to do things.

In most cases, when a company starts up they manage with a plethora of different mechanisms to run their business. Filling in this spreadsheet if you do that, sending that email to confirm that, getting agitated by a colleague who doesn’t do it properly. As the company grows, well known ‘off the shelf’ CRMs, booking and scheduling systems are the order of the day. They don’t quite fit the bill or fit in with everything else we use, but we can make them work, especially if we can get away with the free trial or the single user login for as long as possible!

So what are the alternatives? We all shy away from bespoke systems, the obvious reason is cost, but are they so expensive? When you consider the time that it takes to flit between your spreadsheets, create and send the emails, retype or annotate the same document over and over, is a system that does it all for you such a costly idea? Indeed, is the technology nowadays so complicated and time consuming to develop that it takes a large and expensive technical team to get it implemented? The answer is no, cloud based solutions such as Oracle APEX are providing quick to market and very cost efficient systems, which are often less expensive than their ready made counterparts.

Whether it be a fully bespoke system or a bespoke add-on to your current solution, it seems that the opportunity to better your business, save money and increase revenues lies with a made to measure solution.




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