Five great reasons to choose a bespoke web application

Clunky spreadsheets are full of issues that can have a detrimental effect on your business. Dealing with company processes via a series of Excel spreadsheets, where data is entered manually, by copying and pasting data from one to another is a clear recipe for disaster.

Off the shelf software also has its problems. It can be a painful process deciding which package fits your company, and often, there are annoying gaps that software doesn’t cover, but you don’t realise until you’re committed.

Bespoke web applications will out-perform your spreadsheets and off-the-shelf software. Here are five good reasons why we say this:

  1. Bespoke web applications will fit. They will match your needs perfectly.
  2. They are fast and cost-effective build. AND you’ll save time comparing off-the-shelf software that ultimately doesn’t quite fit.
  3. The software is optimised to your business to ensure smooth and seamless operations. No gaps, no compromises.
  4. Easily access your data and use it! Plus, be safe in the knowledge that the data is correct.
  5. Software can be developed in a modular way to fit your business and can be extended as required, you don’t have to pay for features that you won’t use.

If you still need convincing, have a look at some examples of web applications in action.


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