We’re all guilty of sticking to what we know. Change is sometimes difficult to embrace, especially if it involves new technology.  Some of us can’t wait for the next phone upgrade, while others dread the thought of getting to grips with the newest, shiniest gadget.

Beyond Excel

If you realised the software you were using for vital company processes dated back to the 1970s, most people would think it was time for a change. We don’t hate excel, but we know there is a better way. Dealing with company processes via a series of Excel spreadsheets, where data is entered manually, by copying and pasting data from one to another is a clear recipe for disaster.

  • They are easy to break
  • They have no audit trail to track where data came from
  • Mistakes! Overtyping and unintentionally saving a version with errors is common.
  • Almost anyone can create a spreadsheet, but are they ever tested or checked before their data has been used in decision making?

There is an easier way, that is quick to implement and will save you time, money and errors.

Software as a Service

Cleverer than Excel and quick to migrate to your systems, bespoke software is the answer.  Web apps can be built to replace and improve business process that previously relied on excel.  And to add to this, the data is stored in the cloud so can be accessed by multiple users in any location.

We’ve been busy over the last few years with clients who have been struggling to cope with running their business on a spreadsheet. We turn spreadsheets into a dashboard with data entry screens. Real time, accurate, dashboard reporting is a huge bonus to the businesses we’ve worked with.

Find out more about how bespoke software could help your business https://beezapps.com/bespokesoftware/#



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